Setting up CareCart Messenger Widgets

Facebook Messenger widgets are awesome tools to get your customers subscribed with just one click. This will allow you to reach out to your customers with fully automated Messenger campaigns .After enabling the Messenger widget, it will be displayed on the product page right under the  Add to Cart button.

With CareCart Messenger app you get two different Messenger widgets:

‘Add to Cart’ Widget‘Discount’ Widget

Add to Cart Widget

As mentioned above, this widget will be displayed under the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the product page. When the customer clicks ‘Add to Cart’ and once the subscription box is checked,then it will automatically subscribe the customer to your Messenger list.

You can enable this Widget from the CareCart dashboard by simply turning on the functionality and selecting the widget.

Discount Widget

This widget is ideal if you want to get Messenger subscriptions as it will encourage the customers to subscribe in exchange for a discount.

This widget is also placed under the ‘Add to Cart’ button just like the ‘Add to Cart’ Widget.

When you enable Discount Widget then you need to create discount code in the Shopify Admin area(the discounts section).

Enable the widget and check it on your store in a new private window.

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