Which app might interfere with CareCart?

First of all, Messenger apps can cause a real issue with CareCart. This is due to some technical limitations where Facebook only allows the use of one Messenger application.

If you use more than one Messenger application then they will block each other and the functionality will also fail.

So, avoid installing Messenger chat applications to your store. CareCart does have a built-in chat feature which can be enabled by simply turning it on in the Messenger dashboard.

Secondly, all the other apps that make any changes in the Shopify’s process, will likely block the CareCart’s functionalities. CareCart needs to get some information about the carts and orders to determine when to run a specific abandoned cart recovery campaign. Installation of apps like upselling apps, custom discount apps, installment apps, and custom checkout apps will block the campaigns.

To learn more about this, you can always contact CareCart team.