Why do Abandoned Carts Dashboard shows ‘Anonymous’ emails?

CareCart is great at capturing the emails. If a customer subscribes to the newsletter and also abandons the cart without providing the details, CareCart then associates the email with that cart abandoner. However, if the cart abandoner does not enter the email anywhere on your store, then it becomes impossible to collect it. This is […]

Why do ‘Shop Now’ buttons appear as disabled in Messenger campaigns

When you look at the CareCart Messenger campaigns from your inbox, you’ll see that some buttons such as ‘Buy Now’ appear as disabled and you can’t click on them. This is nothing to worry about, it happens only because of Facebook’s privacy settings. These buttons are only clickable by the people who receive them.

Which code I need to remove when uninstalling CareCart app?

Once you have uninstalled the CareCart app, you need to remove the liquid code from theme.liquid file. Please follow the steps shown below in the screenshots in order to correctly remove the remaining code of CareCart app. Go to Themes and then click “Actions” from the drop down menu button. Then click “Edit Code” Now […]

Which app might interfere with CareCart?

First of all, Messenger apps can cause a real issue with CareCart. This is due to some technical limitations where Facebook only allows the use of one Messenger application. If you use more than one Messenger application then they will block each other and the functionality will also fail. So, avoid installing Messenger chat applications […]

What is a DMARC Policy?

DMARC stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance.” A DMARC Policy tells the email receivers like Microsoft (Hotmail, Live, Outlook etc), Gmail, Yahoo! and other DMARC Internet Service Providers who adopted DMARC what to do if an email fails the DMARC check.   What is the DMARC policy? Gmail joins Yahoo and AOL by […]

Is CareCart mobile friendly?

We have put special efforts to make CareCart suitable for all screen sizes which includes a wide range of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and also desktops. All of the widgets, emails, and other functionalities are responsive and work well with most of the mobile phones. This means your customers can read and interact with all components […]

I’m unable to connect my Facebook page with CareCart

If you are unable to connect your Facebook page with CareCart then the possible reasons can be: You’re not the Admin of the page.You didn’t give required permissions to CareCart. Only the page admin can properly connect Facebook page with CareCart. Other roles like advertiser or moderator will not allow you to connect properly. So, […]

How to extend your free trial?

CareCart offers a 7-day free trial which is extendable to an additional 21 days. You can earn additional 21 days by completing a few simple action steps that are available in the settings section of your CareCart Admin Panel. When you complete the action available in the Account Settings, just let us know and we’ll […]

How to become an affiliate with CareCart?

Whether you are an expert or an agency who is looking for a new financial opportunity, CareCart’s Affiliate program has got you covered! When you join CareCart’s affiliate program, you can easily earn a commission when a user uses your referral link while signing up on the website. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best and […]

Does CareCart slow down my store’s page load speed?

The short answer is, absolutely not! CareCart loads on the Shopify store asynchronously. This means that it does not block the other parts of the page that are in downloading phase. CareCart uses a global CDN to deliver all the images and stylesheets which is not placed on the critical render path of your store. […]