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Email Marketing

Recover lost revenue through real-time tracking and email automation

Messenger Marketing

Go social with Shopify marketing. Improve sales and customer support with Facebook Messenger

Push Notifications

A powerful and profitable marketing tool that doubles the clicks of the email campaign

How CareCart Works?

We have made all CareCart Apps very easy to use, smart and equipped with robust functionality. There's nothing really to do more than few clicks and entering some text. We do all the heavy lifting!

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Track Carts/Visitors

Track all abandoned carts/visitors in real-time in order to reach potential customers.

Sell with Marketing Automation

Remind customers what they left off and offer discounts to help complete the purchase.

Supporting over 20,000 Shopify sellers to excel

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I got sales I wouldnt have gotten without this app, works great and have helped our store a lot. very happy with the results
Its really great app and its free. Really does the job and send emails to your potential customers who left your cart. Recommend!
JimNCoke Store
Awesome! Does what it says and it's very reliable. No help needed as it's so easy to install and use. Thanks. Keep damn good apps coming.
Monkerdize - Games & TV Shows Authorized Merchandise
great app helps to increase revenue by bringing customers. The app is great as it allows your business to regain any lost followers and increase sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any limit to the number of abandoned carts tracking?

    No. CareCart provides unlimited functionality when it comes to attending abandoned carts.

  • When does the customer receive the email after the campaign is sent?

    This may depend on the load on the server, and the e-mail may enter a pending queue which is reflected on the dashboard.

  • When will a cart be considered as abandoned?

    Currently the Care Cart system is configured to acknowledge a cart as abandoned if it is left unattended for an hour.

  • What is the level of e-mail customization Care Cart provides?

    You can pretty much manage the design of the email. You cannot however at this stage change how the products in the cart will be displayed, and is functionality targeted for a future update.

  • So the e-mail will be sent immediately afterwards?

    Each enabled e-mail will have its own send delay which the user can set. E-mails will be scheduled once the initial 1 hour wait elapses.

  • Does CareCart provides any analytics?

    Analytics are coming soon in an upcoming update and will be a key part of Care Cart, in addition to being better and stronger than others in the market.

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