Easy To Use & Fully Customized Email Recovery App

Set up an Email Campaign to Lower Cart Abandonment Rates as easily as 1-2-3

Cart Abandonment Timer

Set the required cart abandonment timer. This can be changed depending on the results you get from setting up different timers.

Custom Templates

Design custom templates of your email campaigns and set their timers.

The Process

When enabled, the cart abandonment timer will start whenever any visitor leaves the store. When the timer is completed, the email campaigns would be executed immediately. If the user completes the order by clicking the link in the email, it will be considered as a recovered order.

Email Collector

Design the template of the email collector. It will collect the emails of store visitors by showing a popup on the ‘Add to cart’ page.

Push Notifications

Design the campaign of Push Notifications which includes frequency, design, and an option for the user to opt for store notifications.

Cart Reminder

Design a template for cart reminders which reminds the user about their cart items as soon as they open or go to another tab of their browser.

Spin A Sale

Create discount codes in Shopify stores and use spin a sale feature to attract visitors and reduce cart abandonment rates.

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RocknReef Store finds the Abandoned Cart Recovery app fits their needs.

This app is great! It works perfectly for our needs and allows us to convert those abandoned sales easily and quickly. I personally use it to help clients put together a wishlist and I ultimately upsell them based on their preferences. I tell them, add the products in the cart you like, and follow the process all the way through to checkout. Prior to adding your payment information, I tell them to "X" out of the page. This then triggers the abandoned cart, and I can now see what the client likes and make sales suggestions based on their cart.

If you don't have this app yet, GET IT!!


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SIRENQ can send customized recovery emails to its customers which generates great results

Very useful app! Sends 3 mails to the customer. You decide after how long will each one be sent, easily customized and it looks pretty great! Only thing is, you need to do some basic HTML for advanced text editing. Support is great as well, communicative and they even did some editing for me!

SIRENQ Fitness

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CareCart customer support impressed the Cobalt District store owners with customizations

A+ customer service from Alex Mason and the rest of the CareCart team. Would absolutely recommend the app on that alone.

We needed a way to configure the email templates to be plain HTML instead of the default templates in the CareCart app, and since there wasn't an option to do so, we reached out to their support team to see if that was possible.

Cobalt District

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Here's What Others Are Saying About Us


Katherine Taylor

CEO, Livho.com

Care Cart Support is amazing. they are ready for customize app according to client which increase its output. We are happy. — Shopify don’t allow us to give 6 Star 🙂


Jeffrey Cotswold

Founder, Mospify

“This could be well one of the best abandoned cart recovery app ever written. On my previous store, this works on the second day of my installation during my trial period. Wonderful app and will recommend it to others for sure! :)”


Andrew Smith

Founder, iPhone Treasures

“LOVE IT! really love this alot. it was the most helpful app and for you guys to make me write a full review like this is really waisting my time when i have orders to fulfill.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Our email recovery app is guaranteed to help you get more sales by reminding customers to complete their purchases through a powerful email campaign. Additional features like web push notifications and abandonment protector amplify this even more.

Well, it depends on the schedule of the campaign, the customer will receive their inbox message right after campaign launches. 

Each enabled e-mail will have its own send delay which the user can set. E-mails will be scheduled once the initial 1 hour elapses.