Why my emails are going to spam

We have done extensive testing and found out that our emails go to the inbox of largest email providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo. However, complying with all the policies of all email services is tricky. Thus, avoiding spam becomes inevitable.

Our tests show that the average spam rate of our email delivery is 0.01, which means a very small number of emails go to spam.

How to avoid spam folder?

To avoid the spam folder please use your private domain email address (for example: [email protected]) as email sender instead of using the free services like Gmail, Outlook, etc.

While sending the test email of your campaign, it is highly recommended that in ‘CareCart Settings’→’Store Information’→ ‘Reply-to Email’ area you change and enter another email ID. This will help you to avoid any suspicious activity.

You also need to correctly set the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records of your domain.

You can follow the steps below to make sure your domain’s SPF records are perfect:

Visit this page: https://mxtoolbox.com/SPFRecordGenerator.aspx, and enter your domain name.

If the record comes up as ” v=spf1 ~all ” then please request your domain name provider to replace it with “v=spf1 a mx include:_spf.carecart.io”

Once the SPF record of your private domain is set as above, your emails will no longer land in Spam.

If you need any help, you can also contact us.