How to use Push Notification Campaign

2018 studies show that cart abandonment will reach over 80%. You as a store owner need to make sure that you get the most out of your existing hard earned traffic. Push Notification is one of the great customer re-engagement tools that will help you to generate more sales from your existing traffic.

Now let’s have a look at how Push Notification Campaign Works?

It runs just like the email campaign, and for only those customers who have subscribed to Push Notifications list.

Customers add something to cart but do not complete the purchase.First push notification will be sent according to your set timer (should be set within first 20 mins)If they do not make a purchase, then second push notification will be sent within 12 hours.If they still haven’t completed the purchase, then a third notification will be sent as a final reminder. This time you should add a discount offer in the message.

Auto-stop campaign

When customers come back to your store and complete the purchase in the middle of the campaign then CareCart will automatically stop all campaigns for that customer. This will also include emails and Messenger campaigns, not just push notifications.


Abandoned Cart Push Campaign

Go to Push Notification tab in the CareCart admin panel to run the push campaign and re-engage your customers.

On the Abandoned Cart Push Campaign tab, you’ll see a series of three push messages which you can edit individually by clicking Edit.

NOTE: This push campaign is sent to cart abandoners and checkout abandoners as well. If the customers are subscribed, notifications will be sent, no matter at which point they abandoned the cart.

On the push notification editor page, you can even customize the contents of the message.

We have already built the template for you and all you need to do is turn on the campaign. In case you get personalize with your customers or match the message with your brand image, it is recommended to update the contents of the messages.

Whenever you offer a discount in the push notification, always keep in mind that CareCart does not auto-generate discount codes. You need to generate discount code in your Shopify admin panel and paste it manually in the push message.