Customizing Email Collector Popup

Email collector popup is one of the most efficient feature of CareCart. It is valuable for all our users. It has helped them to boost email capture rate to over 60% and the best part is, it doesn’t even annoy the store customers!

After tons of trial and error, we have simplified the idea of collecting the email from customers. When a user adds something to the cart, Email Collector popup is displayed and the user is asked to enter the email. At this point, CareCart tags the email with the product in the cart. If the customer doesn’t complete the purchase, then be ready to run the abandoned cart email campaign.

You can easily edit the contents of the popup including the image, text, and button. You can also choose the color theme from the “Color Schemes” tabs that will help you with your branding.

Turn on/off the close button that is displayed on the top right corner of the popup. By enabling the close button, you can close the popup without entering the email and you will end up having no contact but the abandoned carts only. So, running a test will help you achieve better results.

Once you have set up everything then you may test the popup on your store by simply clicking the ‘Test on your store’ button. It will open your store in a new tab and will show how the popup will look like and work for your visitors.