Capturing maximum emails with CareCart Email Collector

If your email capture rate is not good enough as compared to total number of carts created on your store then continue reading this.

Its very common that most of the Shopify store owners have email capture rate just little over 30% which means they are losing over 60% of potential audience who have already initiated the checkout process but didn’t completed.

All you need to do is turn on Email Collector Popup!

This email collection tool is very effective in capturing emails from the cart abandoners.

It activates right at the moment when the customer adds a product to the cart. It is the time when customer has highest level of interest in buying the item so they gladly add their email to the form.

This add to cart popup will definitely increase your email capture rate so you will be able to send abandonment campaign to more potential customers thus, increasing the chances of sales.

More importantly, you also build your high value email list.

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