Acceptable Use Policy 

This Acceptable Use Policy (“Policy”) outlines the rules for using Care Cart’s email platform and related services. Please note that this is a summary based on the provided reference document and may not be exhaustive. It is crucial to refer to the complete document for all details and any legal nuances.

Key Points:

  • Consent is mandatory: All recipients must explicitly consent to receive emails from you, obtained through double opt-in measures within Care Cart’s platform.
  • No spam: Unsolicited emails (spam) are strictly prohibited.
  • Respect privacy: Avoid using purchased, rented, or third-party email lists.
  • Transparency matters: Use accurate header information, subject lines, and unsubscribe links.
  • Identify yourself: Include your valid contact information in emails.
  • Be honest: Clearly identify advertisements and avoid misleading content.
  • Prohibited content: Refrain from sending emails containing defamatory, pornographic, discriminatory, infringing, illegal, or harmful content.
  • Restricted products & services: Don’t promote weaponry, hazardous materials, pyramid schemes, gambling, or data selling services through emails.
  • Consequences of violation: Violations may lead to account suspension or cancellation.

Additional Notes:

  • This Policy is subject to change, and Care Cart will notify you of any significant modifications.
  • Continued use of the service after changes are communicated implies your acceptance.
  • If you have questions or disputes regarding account actions, contact Care Cart directly.

By adhering to this Policy, you can ensure responsible and compliant use of Care Cart’s email platform, protecting yourself and others from potential harm. Remember, the complete reference document should be your primary source for detailed information and any legal considerations.