Which Messenger widget you should use

CareCart offers two Messenger widgets that can be used on the product page. Your ultimate goal by using any of the two widgets is to maximize the opt-in rate to your Messenger subscribers list. You clearly need to understand which widget is more suitable for your store. Let’s figure out which widget you should use. We’ll now take a look at how ‘Add […]

Setting up CareCart Messenger Widgets

Facebook Messenger widgets are awesome tools to get your customers subscribed with just one click. This will allow you to reach out to your customers with fully automated Messenger campaigns .After enabling the Messenger widget, it will be displayed on the product page right under the  Add to Cart button. With CareCart Messenger app you get two different Messenger widgets: ‘Add to Cart’ Widget‘Discount’ […]

Messenger Subscriber List

With the popularity of social media marketing, Messenger marketing has become the most effective way to reach out to your customers. Knowing your subscribers is always good to make their online shopping personalized. So, we have added a Subscribers page in our app. In the Subscribers page,you’ll get some basic information about your subscribers who have shared their personal […]

How to test Abandoned Cart Messenger Campaign

Now that you have set up your Messenger campaign,it’s time to make sure that Messenger messages are being sent to the cart abandoners at set times. Follow some basic instructions first before you start: 1: Open a new incognito/private window on your browser. 2: Log in to your Facebook page. 3: Open a new tab in the same browser and navigate to […]

How to stop all Messenger Campaigns

It’s very simple and easy to turn off the Messenger from the Messenger dashboard. If you wish to turn off all messenger widgets and Customer Chat widgets, then log into your CareCart Messenger dashboard and click the Off button to turn everything off. And if you want to keep the Customer Chat, but turn off […]

Getting started with Messenger Welcome Campaigns

We all appreciate the greetings and being welcomed, similarly welcoming the Facebook subscribers is important especially for the auto campaigns. To make that easy, we added an automated flow to welcome your new subscribers and start a conversation with them right away. To enable the Messenger Welcome Campaigns, please visit your app dashboard and go […]

Customizing Messenger Customer Chat Widget

Messenger customer chat widget is one of the best customer support tools that help you to differentiate your store from others. You have control over customizing the appearance and message on the chat widget. Follow these simple steps: 1: Go to the Messenger dashboard menu within the CareCart Admin Panel. 2: Scroll down to the […]

Add to Cart widget compliancy

Implementation of Add to Cart widget by CareCart requires you to follow some basic rules and guidelines set by Facebook. Follow the steps mentioned below to make sure that you appropriately use the widget and enhance the shopping experience of your customers. 1: Position the widget It is required that the widget is placed directly […]

Abandoned Cart Messenger Campaign

Abandoned cart Messenger campaign runs when your customers add one or more product to their cart and then do not complete the purchase. You can send this campaign only to those customers who have already subscribed to your Messenger list. You can get the Messenger subscriptions by enabling the Messenger widget. Campaign Customization With CareCart […]