Can I use CareCart in combination with other abandoned cart services?

We suggest that you only use CareCart to track and recover all your abandoned carts because it can handle the job pretty well. However, you can use other cart recovery services along with CareCart. Remember that most of the cart recovery tools do not capture all abandoned carts, instead, they only work on abandoned checkouts. […]

Can I import previous abandoned carts into CareCart?

CareCart only works with future abandoned carts that are abandoned after installing the CareCart app. However, it does import previous abandoned checkouts up to last 90 days. So, you can reach out to your customers who abandoned the checkouts prior to CareCart and bring them back to complete the purchase.

Can ‘Send to Messenger’ widget be pre-checked

It totally depends.If you had it pre-checked earlier, then the CareCart’s Messenger widget will be pre-checked on your store. Facebook has changed their policy regarding this widget and now they do not accept any applications for the pre-checked widget.