How Push Notifications can Help you to Avoid Cart Abandonment?

In any eCommerce store, abandoned shopping carts are very common. This happens due to several reasons like price variations, shipping cost, poor marketing, an ineffective checkout process, etc. According to a survey by Baymard Institute, eCommerce store experience a whopping 69.89% of cart abandonment.  Regardless of how good your products are, an average customer is still looking for other options before making the final purchase. This is a big concern for eCommerce owners.

But, do you know you can rearrange and convert your cart abandoners into potential customers? Wondering how? You can do it with the help of ‘Push Notification.’


What is Push Notification? 

Push notification is key to recovering abandoned carts. Compared to email marketing, it is a more effective method to reduce cart abandonment. Push notifications make your customers interested in visiting their carts again and make purchases. So, as an eCommerce website owner, if you haven’t implemented web push notifications yet, you can get it by downloading Care Cart’s push notifications app. This app automates your abandoned cart notifications and saves your time and money effectively. 


How Push notification can help you avoid cart abandonment?

Sending an email to remind your customers of the product they left behind in the shopping cart is an old school method. Today, push notification has become the latest and effective trend. It draws attention quickly and allows your visitors to check out page directly, persuading them to complete their purchase. 

Also, you can lure your potential customers to complete their purchase by offering them additional discounts on the products. With Push notifications, they will receive special discount offers on their mobile phones that drive them to make the purchase immediately. Now the question is – How push notifications help to avoid cart abandonment? Let’s find the answer below: 


Automated Push Campaigns

Automated Push Campaigns bring the cart abandoners back to the check out page even when they are not browsing anything. For example, you can create a campaign for in-active users who have installed your eCommerce app but haven’t open it for a few weeks or you can create a campaign for sending an automated push to users who have added items in their cart but didn’t complete the purchase. With Care Cart’s built-in automatic campaign flow, it will be convenient for you to set up discount coupons and offers notifications for your potential customers and entice them to complete the purchase.  


Custom Opt-in Message

Custom opt-ins message plays a vital role in the success of the push notification campaign. It has been estimated that around 60% of website visitors opt-out of push notifications. It is easy to understand because the default opt-in box sends a simple text like ‘ XYZ company would like to send you a notification.’ The user will be asked to choose from two options provided ‘Allow’ and ‘Block.’ With Care Cart, you can customize opt-in messages. You can set a custom message for an opt-in popup that suits the image of your brand. Target your users by delivering messages based on their individual characteristics like in-app behavior, lifecycle stage, demographic info, and location. 


Send Timely Notification

Cart abandonment mostly occurs between 6 PM to 9 PM. Therefore it is important to remind users about the items they left in the cart. You need to make sure to avoid sending notifications during dinner time or while they are sleeping. When you use time triggered notifications, you can customize delivery by time zone. You can do it manually, giving your customers the ability to decide when they receive your notifications. 


How does Push Notification work? 

Push notification subscription is quite similar to subscribing regular newsletter subscription. Once the user subscribes to Push popups, you will be able to send them newsletters and messages without any hassle. Push Notification subscription process works in two ways. 


In the first step, a pop up of subscription will appear on the browser of your user.

If the user clicks on ‘Allow’ then a new window will open with a final permission popup.

If the user clicks on ‘Don’t Allow’ then the popup of subscription vanishes and nothing happens after that.

If the user clicks on ‘Allow’ and get subscribed, make sure to send a welcome push message immediately.


In Conclusion…

Push notification tool has better conversion than the email and with the help of CareCart’s preset push notification campaign you’ll be able to recover 5% to 20% of your abandoned carts. You also get user subscriptions that allow you to send special offers and alerts and pull in more sales.

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