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Abandoned cart Messenger campaign runs when your customers add one or more product to their cart and then do not complete the purchase.

You can send this campaign only to those customers who have already subscribed to your Messenger list. You can get the Messenger subscriptions by enabling the Messenger widget.

Campaign Customization

With CareCart Messenger marketing you get campaign customization options.

Simply go to the Auto Campaigns section and edit any message in the campaign.

You can pretty much change everything including the texts, background image and the send timing of the message. You can do this for each message individually.

We recommend setting the timings to comply with Facebook policy. The best combination would be to send the first message after 1 hour, second after 24 hours and the last one after 48/72 hours.

According to Facebook’s policy, you can contact subscribers within 24 hours and then send only one message as a follow up once the time elapses.

We suggest you send discount code in the 2nd and 3rd message to lure in customers for making a purchase. By sending the discount in the first message you may just lose some profit margin because most of the buyers either got busy temporarily or distracted, but they have the intention to buy the item soon.

Facebook Compliance

As suggested above, keep your message timings after 1st hour, 23 hours and then after 48 hours. Facebook allows you to send the promotional message within 24 hours of subscription by the customer and then only 1 follow up message can be sentSo keeping the recommended timings totally make your campaign Facebook compliant.

Campaign Suggestions

There are few suggestions to optimize the Messenger campaign to maximize the cart recovery:

  1. Keep your messages short and to the point. Avoid turning the messages into the length of an email.
  2. Adding emoji will make the campaign friendlier as people love emojis while chatting. So make it more like a friendly conversation instead of pitching sales.
  3. Try sending discount codes (ideally 15% off coupons) in the Messenger campaign that will recover your sales much faster up to 2x.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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