How to test Abandoned Cart Messenger Campaign

Now that you have set up your Messenger campaign,it’s time to make sure that Messenger messages are being sent to the cart abandoners at set times.

Follow some basic instructions first before you start:

1: Open a new incognito/private window on your browser.

2: Log in to your Facebook page.

3: Open a new tab in the same browser and navigate to your store.

4: Go to any product page and you’ll see the widget under the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Now add the product to your cart!

5: Once you have added the product to your cart then close the window to abandon the cart.

Now you need to wait according to your set time intervals. If you don’t come back to complete the purchase process, then you’ll be marked as cart abandoner.

This is when the Messenger campaign will start sending you messages according to the set timers for each message.

If you don’t receive any message on your Messenger in the CareCart app,then please contact our support team, we’re always happy to help you!