How to Successfully Capture the Emails of Most of the Cart Abandoners

Cart abandonment is a well-known issue for the ecommerce entrepreneurs and they always try to reduce using different methods. But the major problem here is they try to resolve the issue by implementing the new processes and ideas which are based on outdated facts and figures.

Hold on. I’m definitely not pointing my finger at you and saying that you too might have jumped on the bandwagon. Nope! It’s not like that!

Although new ecommerce sellers don’t know much about it but cart abandonment is known as the biggest problem of the ecommerce industry and estimated at the loss of about $4 trillion.

I believe that you might have read in other cart abandonment articles about that massive figure as well as the about abandonment percentage around 72%.

Unfortunately, most commonly referred to studies are incomplete and outdated. Its mainly because the data is collected from only a handful of the website and that too goes back till 2006.

It’s a good piece of information for the researchers but practically it may not be that helpful for new ecommerce experts. Because over the years trends and consumer behavior have changed. To successfully overcome the cart abandonment problem, you need to know recent developments and new challenges today.


Most Suggested Solution for Cart Abandonment Recovery

You can find whole lot of information online to deal with the cart abandonment issue. And you often learn about re-engaging your store visitors via the email series to bring them back to the store.

Since email is one of the top converting channels so that sure is a good piece of advice. And several top brands have reported to recover a handsome amount of lost revenue using the emails.

You can easily find many great articles on abandoned cart recovery email campaigns and even some great email templates to try. But most often they miss out the critical piece of the advice and that is how to capture the email from the visitor. This could make or break the effectiveness of your campaigns.

You may have the best email campaign on hand but if you don’t have captured cart abandoners then who would you send it to?


Current Approach of Online Sellers

Most of the Shopify and other eCommerce stores are using the typical strategy to reduce the cart abandonment. It includes two simple steps, which can be effective though:

  1. Simplifying the user’s path to complete the purchase
  2. Exit-intent popup to capture emails from checkout abandoners

This could help you yield better ROI because primary reasons for cart abandoning varies from shipping costs to late delivery and less payment methods.

Problem with exit intent popups is they are only visible when visitors have already changed their mind and probably less interested in buying from you.

Imagine you find out that you will have to pay $15 extra for shipping and handling or the product may not be delivered in time, you can go crazy at the moment and will be ready to leave the store. When you see the popup with some discount offer, though its attractive, but may not be good enough to change your mood.

There can be other reasons for the visitors to leave your store without even worrying about the attractive discount offer specially when someone is just doing a little research for the future purchase.

Let’s say take a look at real life like scenario. A user, say Nick, wants to buy new Trainers for the running. There’s nothing much at work today so, he decides to browse online.

During the browsing from a store he liked the ‘Cloudfoam racer mens trainer’, opened the product and then added it to the cart. At this point, most of the stores display ‘Checkout’ button immediately to help the visitor complete the purchase. That surely is good to simplifying purchase process. But hey – Nick is not ready to buy yet and still browsing around to compare the selected item with others.

Now things can go wrong because Nick is at the work so there’s a good chance he gets an immediate task or the supervisor might show up at his desk. Now even the exit-intent pop is displayed, Nick is not going to care and closes the window. Because he doesn’t want to pisses off the supervisor.

You see, this is the kind of the mistake that most ecommerce stores make. If the store had collected his email already they could have chased him with abandoned cart emails sequence.

Unfortunately, a potential customer is lost!


Best Method to Capture Emails of Cart Abandoners

Its always great to simplify your purchase process and support it with exit-intent popup which is a proven technique. What if the simple purchase process does not convert to the exit intent popup at that point you will disconnect from the customer.

In order to capture the email of the customer when the buying intent is the highest, we have created email collector popup that displays when a customer adds a product to cart.

This is the best time to grab the customer’s attention and email because customer has shown full interest in to the product. Whether the customer is going to buy now or just researching for future purchase, you have their email which will help you land an offer right in their inbox.

Customer have seen your product details and shown interest in buying the item. If they have not seen anything to change their mind, then you have far better chances to get their email.

Thousands of our users and we, ourselves have tested this on our own stores. It proved to be very effective to capture the email. It has shown an increase of about 57% in lead capturing which is insane. Over the time it is still showing a stable conversion rate.

When you compare this with the exit intent pop conversion rate you will be shocked to realize the increase in conversion rate. That being said, waiting to show exit intent pop until the visitor is ready to leave is too late. Trying to capture the email at the time of highest purchase intent is the best method to build your list for abandoned cart recovery email series.

The email collector popup is really an effective tool for the Shopify store owners to build their email list and increase their revenue. I’d suggest you to run a little experiment with our email collector popup to see how much it increases the email capturing rate for you.

You can get started for free and start building up your email list.

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