How to Make more Money by Recovering Abandoned Carts on Autopilot

Have you ever thought that you can almost double your sales by recovering abandoned carts on your Shopify store?

You probably had, that’s why you’re here!

You can definitely double your sales by recovering the cart abandoners on your store and that too is on autopilot. That is the reason giant eCommerce platforms like Amazon, AliExpress and Rakuten must follow up their potential customers via email. They understand the value of reaching out to the cart abandoners.

So, what is the abandoned cart recovering secret from those who already left your Shopify store?

There’s a simple answer to this question and that is you have to push a little your potential customers. Well, it does involve few things to consider and we’ll talk about those nitty gritty things below.

There are few things to know before you start reaching out to cart abandoners so let’s dive in deeper for a closer look.

What is cart abandonment rate of your store?

When a visitor on your store adds product to their cart but does not buy the product, that’s called cart abandoner.

Here’s the simple formula to calculate the cart abandonment rate.

Cart abandonment rate is 100 – (Completed Checkouts / Started Checkouts x 100)

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest issues of the ecommerce business but most of the new sellers do not even know it. An average cart abandonment rate is about 73% and that being said a typical seller may be losing about $280 for every $100 sale. When you think about losing this big of potential revenue on weekly, monthly and annually basis this definitely seems scary for the serious sellers.


How to Track Cart Abandoners?

Well, that was a quick look on how much potential revenue is slipping out of your hand. Next question is how do you track those cart abandoners in order to reach them. So, this is not that big of a deal since Shopify itself tracks all the abandoned checkouts and save the customer information. But unfortunately, you don’t get access to those potential customers who added products to cart and might be interested in buying but never started the checkout process.

This is where the CareCart’s suite of apps comes in handy that can help you track abandoned carts and abandoned checkouts. You will also be able to collect the emails and Facebook Messenger subscriptions of the customers for future promotions.


Bringing Back Customers to Complete Purchase

Different apps of CareCart will perform different tasks for your store including tracking of the cart abandoners, collecting emails and running different marketing campaigns to bring the customers back to the store and complete the checkout process.

If you get the customer email through the abandoned checkout or the email collector tool then you’ll be able to run email marketing campaign to bring the user back to the store

You can also set up campaign for Facebook Messenger marketing provided the user has subscribed to your Messenger list through the Messenger widget while adding product to the cart.

Then there is an app that tracks and reach those potential buyers who have added a product to the cart but did not subscribed to the Messenger list or provided any information. It sends the alerts in the form of push notifications to the people on set intervals when they are not browsing your store or even the browser is close.


Sending Out Emails to Cart Abandoners

With the email marketing app you’ll be able to reach the buyers in a short time and usually such emails have very high open rate. It goes sometimes over 50% which is like touching the ceiling for a simple follow up email. Normally its hard to get about 40% open rate with the best promo offer.

It is due to the simple fact that,

You visited a store and liked a product you’ve been looking for. You added that product to the cart. Now you filled out checkout form to proceed. For some reasons you quit the browser or did not complete the purchase and abandoned the cart right there.

In an hour you receive an email from that store about that same product, you’ll definitely want to click that open. This is the reason that such timely sent emails have high open rate thus better conversion.

It then followed by two more emails at a reasonable time interval where third email can have a 10% discount offer.

This is the little push cart abandoner needs most of the time.

Emails Frequency

We have tested several email combinations to find the best time of sending emails to the cart abandoners and concluded that the below timings have proved to be the best.

This magic sequence of three emails help you to bring the distracted customers back to the store.

First Email: 1 hour after the cart is abandoned. This is the best time that user is ready to check back the emails and still have interest in buying the item.

Second Email: Second email shouldn’t be late either. It should be sent 24 hours after the cart abandonment.

Third Email: This should be sent 72 hours after the cart abandonment.

Okay, above email timeline is suitable for most of types of Shopify stores and its not necessary that it should work as “one size fits all”. You will definitely have to try and test different combinations of timings to send emails.

Sometimes you might need to send emails earlier than that specially when product is a gift item and need to be purchased in time or you might be offering a discount. But it is highly recommended to not send more than 3 or 4 emails. This won’t do any good for your campaign and you might end-up annoying the customer.

This can boost your revenue around 13% by setting up automated emails campaign for the cart abandoners.


Recover Shopify Abandoned Carts and Make More Money.

Now it’s your turn to reach out to your potential customers who left their carts behind. We have created a ready to use solution keeping in mind that this automated email marketing solution has to be:

  • Efficient enough to recover a good percentage of abandoned carts.
  • Affordable for the sellers specially for the individual sellers.
  • Easy to use for everyone, just install, set campaigns and good to go.
  • Suitable for all size of big, small, local and international Shopify stores.

Sellers have so many expenses and overheads which eat up most part of the revenue and they need a reliable, scalable and affordable solution to get this important job done. We believe that thousands of Shopify sellers need such a tool in order to recover their lost revenue and increase the customer base.

We are happy that we have developed such apps for the Shopify sellers. Every day we receive tons of responses and positive reviews from our users who have recovered millions of dollars in lost revenue.

This prove to be a good support to the ecommerce industry that not only increasing the revenue but also fueling the growth. Sellers are able to earn more and their customers are getting more value in terms of discounts and promotions.

I hope that you can also implement the cart abandonment recovery app and take advantage of this to increase their revenue. Because we have seen thousands of our users successfully recovering the huge amount of lost sales. If they can do it you can also do it.

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