How to become an affiliate with CareCart?

Whether you are an expert or an agency who is looking for a new financial opportunity, CareCart’s Affiliate program has got you covered!

When you join CareCart’s affiliate program, you can easily earn a commission when a user uses your referral link while signing up on the website. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best and easiest ways to earn, without putting much effort.

You just need to register to CareCart’s affiliate partner to receive a 30% affiliate commission and receive 30% of shares from any payment made by any new Shopify users who register through your link. It’s as simple as that!


How to become an Affiliate with CareCart?

Becoming an affiliate with CareCart is straightforward. Just follow a few steps and start earning money!


Here are the steps:

It’s not possible to sign up, Lead Dyno is not working, you will receive a unique referral linkShare your affiliate link and earn a 30% commission for all the sales you referYou will get paid when someone you referred subscribe to monthly/annual payment planIn the affiliate area, you can track your referrals, payouts and visits.