Chat Live With Store Visitors & Convert Them Into Paying Customers

Take Advantage of Automated FB Features To Lower Cart Abandonment Rates & Boost Conversions

Abandonment Timer

Go into Settings & set the cart abandonment Timer

Messenger Campaigns

Design templates of your Messenger campaigns and set their activation time.

Design Welcome message campaigns

Write content for welcome messages as these are necessary for associating the user with the cart.

Activate Messenger widgets

Enable your desired messenger widgets by going into the settings tab.

The Process

If the user adds an item into the cart by subscribing to messenger, the welcome message appears. And if the user responds, they will associate with the cart. If a user leaves then the abandonment timer will start and campaigns will execute after the abandonment timer is completed.

Order Receipt

Design the template and it will be sent to the user after order completion.

Sticky Discount Bar

Design the template which will be used to gain more subscribers, give offers and discounts & make cart recoveries.

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The Black4Innocence store was astonished with the results of Faceook Messenger Marketing app

We are very pleased with the outcomes that we have received using this app! Definitely looking forward to continuing to use it.


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Efficient, Friendly, Helpful & Fast.
These are the words The Galt store owner after installing the Facebook Messenger Marketing App.

I can't comment on the usefulness of the app yet since I am only starting up BUT I already would highly recommend them because of their efficient, friendly, helpful, fast customer service. I had some problems with the language settings and they helped as much as they could to solve my problem as fast as possible.

Don't hesitate to install this app 🙂


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Daniel Gonzalez

CMO, Basal Beauty
“This app seems to be very useful and a good tool to boost sales. I ought to be using it for long for conversion rate.”

Michael Lee

Owner, Edge99

“Though recently installed, promising features, nothing to lose, its free app. It was highly recommended.”


David Brown

Founder, Brown&Co

 added the app a month ago, its really a good app. It communicate with customers and emails them on their own.”


Frequently Asked Questions

This app will help you in boosting your online store’s revenue by building an FB messenger marketing abandoned checkout & chat list. It will help you in lowering cart abandonment rate through a seamless and easy way.

This feature is under development. Currently, you can manually change the language of Facebook Widgets & Messenger only upon store owner’s request.

No. If someone triggers FB Checkbox Widget, then the welcome messages are automatically sent from the store owner.

Yes! However, that can only happen if the customer has selected the FB checkbox option before clicking the adding to cart option.

This feature is under development. You can only change the language of Facebook Widgets & Messenger by contacting our technical team.