Getting started with Email Marketing Campaign

CareCart email marketing campaign is an excellent start for you to recover your abandoned carts. If you don’t feel like doing much then there’s nothing to worry about! We have already built-in default email templates within the system and all you have to do is enable the campaign to start sending emails and recover your lost revenue.

If you want to take the matter in your own hands to get the maximum benefits from your email campaigns, you can totally work around with the contents of the emails and send timings to optimize your conversion rates.

Here are your options:

CareCart email template may not be suitable for all the different sizes and variety of stores that’s why we encourage our users to spend the right amount of time to personalize the emails according to their marketing communication strategy.

Write an enticing subject line

Email subject is of utmost importance here. It is the determining factor for the receiver as it tells whether or not an email should be checked. People receive tons of promotional emails everyday but they only open few of those that have catchy subject lines. So, increase your conversion chances by grabbing the attention of your customers.

While writing the subject line, keep it short, to the point and personal. It’s always a good idea to make it witty if your brand image allows you to do so.

If you’re planning to offer a discount, then you should highlight it in your subject line, it will definitely improve your open rate. You may also include emojis to further highlight your email in the inbox.

Improve Email Body

After writing up your subject line, the next step is to optimize and improve the contents of the email body. You need to focus on it because it will encourage your potential customers to go back to your store and complete the purchase.

Don’t write an article here to show off all the features and benefits of the product. Keep your contents short and highlight only a couple of benefits so that the Call to Action option is visible immediately without even scrolling. Your ultimate goal here should be to get your customer back to your store.


You do have a control over uploading your store logo and changing the color scheme of the template. This will allow you to match the email template to your brand’s preferences.