Intelligent Tracking

Care Cart intelligently tracks abandoned carts on your Shopify store to convert potential customers. You can see the list of all abandoned cart users and the products that were in their cart.


Automated E-mail Push

Create, set and manage email templates to send tracked automated emails and convert customers.


All-in-one Dashboard

Track the journey of your emails and centrally manage the status of targeted carts on the user-friendly dashboard that cares for you for free with ease!


Email Collector

Force anonymous users to provide their email first before adding any product to cart. This will allow you to collect email addresses from anonymous visitors thus you can re-target them all.


Cart Reminder

Redirect customers back to your site when they toggle away. A pop-up will appear on the tab to notify visitors about incomplete checkout.


Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails

Care Cart can automate a series of beautifully designed abandoned cart recovery emails to reach back out to them. These emails are responsive and visually appealing and look good on any device.