Customizing Messenger Customer Chat Widget

Messenger customer chat widget is one of the best customer support tools that help you to differentiate your store from others. You have control over customizing the appearance and message on the chat widget.

Follow these simple steps:

1: Go to the Messenger dashboard menu within the CareCart Admin Panel.

2: Scroll down to the Customer Chat Widget box and click ‘Edit’ to start customizing it.

3: Now on the Chat Widget customization page, you can make changes in the greetings message and icon colors. You can also choose any display option from the drop-down list.

You can either have the chat window open by default or minimize it by simply showing the chat icon.

You can further customize it by changing the color scheme of the chat icon to match with your branding guidelines.

Once you’re done making all the changes then ‘Save’ your settings.

If you have any questions regarding the customization, feel free to contact us.