Cart Abandonment Solutions to Get Customers Back

Did you know half of the shopping carts are abandoned by customers before they make a final purchase? For any eCommerce website owner, it is a matter of big concern as it is the waste of potential sale. However, not all people visit a website for making a purchase. Some just visit a site just for the sake of window shopping, and it won’t hurt any store owner to put some extra effort to persuade them to make a purchase.

Winning customers back who have left items in the cart without making a purchase is not as easy as it seems. A strategy is required to win over them and persuade them to complete the purchase.

Below are five steps that should be considered to decrease the prospects of a forgotten purchase. However, before moving ahead, let’s find out the reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts.


Why Customers Abandon their Shopping Carts?


Before understanding how to stop shopping cart abandonment, you need to understand why customers leave their items behind without purchasing them. Here are a few valid reasons.

  • They are window shoppers

Some people just visit a website to see the new items, check sales or discounts. While browsing an online store, they add the items they like in their shopping cart, but soon they leave the site without being concerned that they have added something in their shopping cart.

  • They want to compare prices

Some shoppers want to grab the best deal. So they check the price and add an item to their cart and then jump to another site to check the price of the same product. One of the main reasons to abandon their cart can be finding a better deal and then forgetting to come back.

  • They don’t want to register

Many online stores need people to register for an account before they complete activities or make a purchase. Some may simply want to purchase without sharing their information stored or fear of security concerns, so they decide to leave the shopping cart.

  • They don’t have sufficient money right now

Most of the people leave their shopping carts because they don’t have sufficient money to buy the items. And sometimes, the shipping costs are too high that makes them leave their cart without taking an action.

  • They don’t understand return and Shipping Policies

If the shipping and return policies are not clear, there is a huge risk of losing out on potential customers. But if the policies are clear, shoppers have confidence that you offer quality items. And if the return policy is not clear, customers may leave without making a purchase.

Coming to the main topic…

How can you bring your customers back to the Abandoned Cart to complete a purchase?


  • Skip the Registration Process

Did you know, 26% of the U.S online shoppers abandoned an order in the quarter due to complicated/too long check out process?

Most of the people hate to fill out their information on every online store they want to buy from. People don’t prefer a long process of creating an account, adding username, passwords and giving sensitive information just for the sake of buying a product.

As a website owner, if you don’t want this to happen, just skip the ‘Register now’ option from your website. Add a feature “checkout as a guest’ to simplify the process for them. After they purchase from your store, you can suggest them to sign up to your website and enjoy deals and discounts available just for them.

It all depends on them whether they want to sign up or not. Give them a reason to sign up for an account on your website rather directly insisting them to do so. This will help in abandoned cart recovery and increasing your customer base.


  • Create Trustworthy Elements

Customers want to know if your website is secure for them or will it keep their financial and personal information private. To build trust, you can display security badges to let them know you are associated with the Better Business Bureau, TRUSTe, and GeoTrust. You can show the badges to the customers at the footer of your website so they will feel more secure before buying from your website.


Also, when you provide them with shipping details and return policies, they can have confidence in their purchases. It is important to let your customers understand how soon they can expect the items, where it has reached, along with estimated delivery time. Also, tell your customers what they can do if they don’t like the item or they haven’t received the correct one.


  • Hold their Items

Let your customers know that their items will be held in their cart for at least a couple of weeks until they settle on the decision of buying it. The customers may leave items in the cart and come back later on to complete the purchase.

To make it safer, you can install a script that reminds your customers that they have left something in the cart. This acts as a reminder to the potential customer and lets them know that the items are still there in the cart and they can make a purchase whenever they want to.


  • Process of Retargeting

This process helps people who have abandoned their shopping carts to come back. For instance, if you’ve ever been to an online store or website, left the website and saw an advertisement of the same website later, you have been retargeted. This process can be used by E-commerce store owners to their advantage to remind customers who left the store.

When the javascript code has been placed on your website, the browsers receive a cookie that targets them in advertisement wherever they go online. They will see the ads of your store on social media networks, search engines and on the webpages. So, make sure your advertisements are engaging enough to win customers back and for them to complete the checkout process.


  • Send your Customers an Email Reminder

This is one of the most effective strategies that you can adopt for winning customers back. Let’s say your customer forgot to come back to his/her shopping cart to make a purchase. They might get busy which is quite possible. So, you should have an attention-grabbing email strategy to remind your customers to come back and complete the purchase.

You can create fun and best abandoned cart emails, without pressuring customers to make a purchase. You can also add compelling photos and make them smile. By making their experience fun, they will love to come back to your store and purchase the item they had left.

Email reminders are the easiest and a crucial part of your abandoned cart strategy. It alarms the people that they have something in their cart and needs immediate action.

Another great option is to offer other options for favorite products. For example, you can offer customers save their liked products in Wishlist. And if the customer didn’t end up purchasing the product, you can send a reminder email about the favorite products. It makes it very personal and targeted. You can easily automate this process with an app like Growave and remind customers to complete the purchase.


  • Offer Discounts and Product Comparisons

Once you have emailed an abandoned cart customer, you need to sit back and relax. If they still don’t take action, offer them some exclusive discounts to make them purchase the item. Sometimes an offer or a small discount can drive a customer back to complete a purchase.

However, these discounts come with an expiry date which they need to redeem before it expires. You can even link it to some positive reviews of customers and the satisfactory service you have provided them. Make sure the email you’ve sent is descriptive and impactful to catch the attention of your customers.


Wrapping Up…

Winning customers back is difficult, but if you know the reasons and understand why they left the shopping cart, it won’t be painful. If you keep the above cart abandonment solutions in mind, chances are you will avoid the situation of cart abandonment.

Give your customers a reason to trust you by giving them free shipping, return policies, and security badges. It will not only help you to build a strong customer base but they will trust your website and won’t leave the cart ever again.

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