What Makes Add to Cart Popup the Best Method to Boost Shopify Sales.

Everyone hates popups!

We all know that popups are very annoying things on the web and there’s no escape from these little suckers.

As a website visitor, we don’t like when these popups blast right into our face while looking at a product or reading the information.

But I’ll be honest with you here, being a seller on Shopify platform, I love pop-ups! We may call it suckers but they have definitely turned around my stores. I grew my business from few hundred dollars worth of sales a month to a couple of million dollars revenue per year. And, it all happened by collecting over 400,000 emails through these popups.

Let’s be clear ladies and gentlemen:

We did not collect these emails from general offer or exit-intent popups, we’re not really the fan of those now. Back in the day, me and my team have experimented a new kind of popup to capture the emails of the potential customers.

Its called Add to Cart or Email Collector popup.

As the name suggests, we decided to display the popup to the visitors when they add an item to their cart. This is the time when the customers have high intent of buying and they are most likely to type in their email.

Believe it or not! We collected 153 emails from 264 customers who clicked add to cart in just a single day.

Boom! that’s over 60% of conversion rate!


What made add to cart popup so successful?

It does sound annoying and you may think you would leave the site immediately when such things show up.

Well, we had a similar thought about this idea. But to our surprise, it doesn’t seem to annoy the customers. The main reason is, the email collector popup comes right inside the customer’s buying journey.

Here, for example you are visiting a mobile accessories store. You clicked through an iPhone 7 case and liked it. Now you want to buy this item so clicked Add to Cart button and right then email collector popup displays on screen. You’ll be asked to enter your email in the popup and click Add to Cart button. It totally comes in your purchase journey and tempting you to enter the email. You as a customer would enter the email because your buying intent is at the highest level that time.

In comparison to this all other exit-intent, welcome and trigger based popups do not fall inside the purchase journey, thus end-up annoying the customer.

When customers are serious about buying the item then they will gladly add their email. So, it reduces the chances of quitting the webpage and also improves your chances of recovering the abandoned cart, in case the customer distracts and leaves.


The Super Popup ever created

The advanced functionality that have actually turned it from an irritating ordinary popup to a no nonsense super popup:

This amazing email collector tool separates those users who have completed the purchase after the popup from the ones who have abandoned their carts. That means the buyers and abandoners are segregated right off the bat!

This has proven to be one of the highest converting popup as compared to other regular ones. Because it gets you the laser targeted audience that have the highest chances of converting to the customers.


Do you really need it?

Average cart abandonment rate is above 70% and pretty much every ecommerce seller knows about this issue. To overcome this problem and in an effort to recover lost revenue, sellers need to run email campaigns on the cart abandoners. And for that you need emails of your cart abandoners.

You can get emails from Shopify’s admin panel but Shopify tracks only checkout abandoners and mind you these are just about 10% of total cart abandoners. Most cart recovery tools just fetch those abandoned checkouts. These apps let you run the email campaign which doesn’t really bring in much revenue. And you leave most of the money on the table by not capturing the emails of 90% cart abandoners.


Boost your sales

Our email collector popup has seriously increased the revenue of thousands of Shopify stores. It captures the email IDs of over 60% of all cart abandoners and have average conversion rate of 72%.

We have been able to generate 5x more revenue from abandoned carts recovery than without using the email collector popup. That’s not it, we have also built our most valuable email list for future marketing.

You significantly improve the quality of your list by capturing those visitors who have high intention to buy from your store instead of only those who want to leave your site.

So this little tool will help you boost your sales from your existing traffic and allows you to:

  • Capture the email of almost everyone who adds the product to cart
  • Build your high value list of potential customers
  • Generate 5x more revenue by recovering abandoned carts
  • Export your lists and use for other campaigns such as newsletter

We know the value of this amazing little email collector popup and I tried to make you realize that how it can help your Shopify store too.

It only takes a couple of minutes to set it up with CareCart and watch your sales soar.

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