Can I use CareCart in combination with other abandoned cart services?

We suggest that you only use CareCart to track and recover all your abandoned carts because it can handle the job pretty well. However, you can use other cart recovery services along with CareCart. Remember that most of the cart recovery tools do not capture all abandoned carts, instead, they only work on abandoned checkouts. […]

Can I import previous abandoned carts into CareCart?

CareCart only works with future abandoned carts that are abandoned after installing the CareCart app. However, it does import previous abandoned checkouts up to last 90 days. So, you can reach out to your customers who abandoned the checkouts prior to CareCart and bring them back to complete the purchase.

Can ‘Send to Messenger’ widget be pre-checked

It totally depends.If you had it pre-checked earlier, then the CareCart’s Messenger widget will be pre-checked on your store. Facebook has changed their policy regarding this widget and now they do not accept any applications for the pre-checked widget.

How does the Cart Reminder works

Cart Reminder is a tiny little tool that works silently to bring your customers back to the store when they have toggled away to another tab of their browser’s window. Basically, it helps you to prevent customers from abandoning their cart by showing the little notification icon in the title bar of the Tab. The […]

How to use Push Notification Campaign

2018 studies show that cart abandonment will reach over 80%. You as a store owner need to make sure that you get the most out of your existing hard earned traffic. Push Notification is one of the great customer re-engagement tools that will help you to generate more sales from your existing traffic. Now let’s […]

Setting up Welcome Push Notification

Let’s see how you can set up Welcome Push notification: Welcome Push notification is sent when a customer subscribes to the push notifications. Welcome push set up is part of the process of setting up Push Notification. Once you reach the last step, you can customize the Welcome Push message. You may set the timer […]

Setting up Push Notifications

Push notification is the best way to reach out to your cart abandoners and bring them back to complete the purchase. Here’s the thing, with CareCart you can send push notifications only to those customers who have subscribed to the push notifications. To get the push notification subscriptions, just turn on the popup from the […]

How Push Notification subscription works

Subscription process for the Push notifications works quite similarly to the regular newsletter subscription. Once the customers subscribe to Push popups only then you’ll be able to send them messages. There are just two simple steps in the Push Notification subscription process. In the first step, a subscription popup appear on the top of your […]

Customizing Cart Reminder

CareCart allows you to customize the Cart Reminder notification content so that you can use your own logo and custom message for your customers. In the Cart Reminder page, you can edit the message that will be reflected in the title bar of browser’s tab. Set up the toggle away time in seconds to show […]

Customizing Email Collector Popup

Email collector popup is one of the most efficient feature of CareCart. It is valuable for all our users. It has helped them to boost email capture rate to over 60% and the best part is, it doesn’t even annoy the store customers! After tons of trial and error, we have simplified the idea of […]