10 Sure Shot Ways to Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

Have you ever imagined if real-world shopping is as same as online shopping? You walk into a departmental store and start filling your cart and suddenly you get distracted by a puppy playing around and forget what you were buying and walk out of the store!

This scenario will hardly happen when you shop in the real world but it is common when you shop online. When a shopper adds an item in the cart but leave before completing the transaction, it is called ‘Shopping Cart Abandonment.’

Shopping Cart Abandonment is one of the major issues online eCommerce store owners often face. Some people will leave their cart abandoned before completing a purchase. If you are among those eCommerce owners who want to combat shopping cart abandonment, then read this post till the end. In this post, we are going to cover 10 sure shot ways that will minimize the chances of shopping cart abandonment.

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1. Build Trust in your Transaction Forms


For some online retailers, transaction forms are just for the formality in the sales process. However, this is not the case. Your transaction forms are one of the essential tools needed to establish and build trust. In the form, you are asking about the contact details along with credit card details of your shoppers.

The transaction forms offer you an opportunity to establish and build trust. It includes trust signals like security logos which are quite close to your transaction forms. Make sure the logo is easy to recognize so it is better to place them at the commonplace. According to the Shopify data, 61% of consumers do not purchase anything online because of the missing logos.

Data from Shopify


2. Include Thumbnail images of Products

This is a grounding technique that reassures customers what they were purchasing. Most people often forget what they have left in their shopping cart, but thumbnail images can act as a reminder. When you purchase an item from the physical store, you can see and touch whatever you are buying. But in an eCommerce experience, this is not possible. By including thumbnail images, you are helping them to remember what they are doing. This also helps in eliminating any possibility of getting distracted.

Have a look at the above checkout page. This is an excellent example of the effectiveness of this technique. This page not only includes product thumbnail but also streamline the check-out process into a single page. It keeps the actual products in the mind of the prospects, fortifying the longing to get them that provoked them to start the checkout procedure in any case.


3. Offer multiple payment options

Offering just a single payment option can be one of the biggest obstacles between you, your prospects and sales. Today, consumers look for more choices when it comes to making payments. Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google wallet are becoming popular in today’s demographics. When you offer more than one payment gateway, it eliminates one of the potential reasons for the cart abandonment. More payment gateways mean giving more chances to your customers to complete the purchase.


4. A Strong call-to-action on Checkout Pages

Several online stores ignore adding call-to-action on their checkout pages. They assume that if a buyer has added items in the cart, then they don’t need an incentive to buy them. On the flip side, checkout pages are the most effective pages for clear and strong call-to-action.

It plays a vital role in completing the purchase. A strong CTA is equally important to make sure that it is consistent with others across your marketing materials as well as across your site. Make sure your CTA is clear, else it will put your customers in doubt. If you provide engaging and customer friendly CTA, it will keep your customers connected.


5. Offer Guest Checkout Option

The checkout process is a big opportunity to gather information about your users. But if you insist on your customers to create an account and complete the registration process, chances are most of them will leave your site. According to a report from Invesp, not having a checkout option is one of the major causes of cart abandonment. By offering a guest checkout option, you will make it easy for your customers to complete the purchase. Also if you provide a smooth process, chances are you may find more customers, visiting your site and completing the purchase.


6. Offer Money Back Guarantee

What is the foremost thing you are scared of while shopping online? Maybe not getting money back when the product is defected or not what you’ve desired. Right? This is another reason why shoppers hesitate to shop online and then leave cart abandoned in several cases. To overcome this issue, you can offer your customers assurances like Money Back Guarantee. This acts as an assurance that your money will be returned to you within a time frame if you don’t like service or product. When you offer no-question asked Money Back Guarantee, it reduces all kinds of objections a customer might have when purchasing from you.


7. Optimize your Page Load Time

According to a report at Visual Website Optimizer, the rate of eCommerce shopping cart conversions drops up to 7% for every second delay while you load a page. Slow checkout pages turn the impatient shoppers off. So, it is important to optimize checkout pages precisely to make the process fast. Make sure you have used ad network trackers to a limit, and avoided social plugins and implemented tags.


8. Avoid Hidden Charges

One of the common reasons that frustrate shoppers is paying more than one price. The hidden surcharges, costs, and fees enable users to abandon the cart.

According to the UPS report, the costs related to shipping are loathed globally. Consumers simply don’t like paying for shipping cost and this leads to shopping cart abandonment.


Not only most of the consumers try their best to avoid paying for the shipping cost, but they are also quite sensitive regarding their shipping cost.

Even the data from Kissmetrics also show that unexpected shipping costs are responsible for 1-3rd cart abandonment. These stats clearly indicates that consumers simply HATE paying for shipping costs.

This clearly shows that it is important to subtract shipping costs to avoid shopping cart abandonment. Rather than sneaking shipping cost at the end of the transaction, remove it from your site. Be upfront about the cost you want from your customers.

Another thing to consider is the delivery estimates. That is how long a customer can expect the package to be delivered. Have a look at the example below:

Where are standard shipping fails to tell the customers when their goods will receive, another two options clearly shows that by paying this much of amount the products will be received in 1-2 business days.


9. Page load time optimization

According to a report by Visual Website Optimizer, the conversion rate of eCommerce shopping cart drops 7% for every second delay in a page load. In many websites, the checkout pages load slowly that beg impatient shoppers to take their business to another site. Therefore, it is important to optimize your checkout page to make them as fast as possible. Moreover, you should optimize on-page technical elements like images, limit the use of ad network trackers, social plugins, and poorly implemented tags to increase your load times.


10. Offer reliable customer service

This is one of the important aspects that you should not miss by any chance. When you get some issue with your purchase, the first thing you look for is customer support. Poor customer support is one of the biggest reasons why shopping carts get abandoned. There is highly possible that customers could not complete the purchase due to some technical issues or they had queries related to delivery, refunds or product. The popular means of communication channels among online shoppers are Phone, Live Chat, Email, FAQ page, Social media comments, and DMs.



Lowering shopping cart abandonment is the easiest and quickest way to get more value from your business website. All the tactics mentioned above can help you achieve your targets if implemented effectively. However, you do not need to apply all these tips together, even a few of them can help you proceed in the right direction.

For the desired outcomes, the best idea is to investigate your business issues first and determine which tips are constructive to start with. Use these tactics to lower shopping cart abandonment and take your business to new heights. Also, remember to keep a regular eye on your shopping cart abandonment rate while implementing these strategies to monitor your success.  

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