Facing Issues?

E-mail us at support@carecart.io and we will make sure that your problems are addressed.



Is there a limit to the number of abandoned carts I can attend to?

No. Care Cart provides unlimited functionality when it comes to attending abandoned carts.


When will a cart be considered abandoned?

Currently the Care Cart system is configured to acknowledge a cart as abandoned if it is left unattended for 2 hours.


So the e-mail will be sent immediately afterwards?

Each enabled e-mail will have its own send delay which the user can set. Depending on this send delay, the e-mail will be scheduled once the initial 2 hour wait elapses.


Is the e-mail received immediately by the potential customer once Care Cart pushes it out?

This may depend on the load on the server, and the e-mail may enter a pending queue which is reflected on the dashboard.


Does Care Cart track all activity?

Currently Care Cart will report abandoned cart from registered users. Anonymous carts are not reported yet however they are under consideration for future updates.


What is the level of e-mail customization Care Cart provides?

You have control over the content of the header / sub-header, the banner image, click-to-action button, e-mail footer, and message editing options. You cannot however at this stage change how the products in the cart will be displayed, and is functionality targeted for a future update.


Does Care Cart modify / crop the banner image for the e-mail once I upload it?

No. Care Cart does nothing to your image except to fit it within the limits of the message if it is too wide. It is up to you to make sure that your image is appropriately designed.


Why are there no analytics in Care Cart?

Analytics are coming soon in an upcoming update and will be a key part of Care Cart, in addition to being better and stronger than others in the market.


Does Care Cart require any kind of programming knowledge at some point to operate it?

No. Care Cart is completely user friendly and does not implement cryptic technology that can burden the user.


How will my feature requests and issues be entertained?

Customer support and entertaining your issues and requests is our top priority. We will be taking your problems and concerns directly through e-mail at support@carecart.io and will get back to you as soon as a resolution is available.