Care Cart - Abandoned Cart Recovery

Convert your Shopify store's abandoned carts for free

Care Cart is a simple, robust and reliable abandoned cart recovery system that converts your Shopify store’s lost revenue through intelligent tracking, automated emails and robust reporting. Maximizing your business' profits has never been easier!

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Key Features

Robust Shopify store abandoned cart recovery solution

Intelligent Tracking

Care Cart intelligently tracks abandoned carts on your Shopify store to convert potential customers.

Automated E-mail Push

Create, set and manage email templates to send tracked automated emails and convert customers. Smart email customization gives you superior flexibility.

All-in-one Dashboard

Track the journey of your emails and centrally manage status of targeted carts on the user-friendly dashboard, that cares for you for free with ease!

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We are focused on delivering reliable and high quality Shopify apps to help businesses grow. Our experience in the ecommerce industry spans more than a decade, which reflects in what we do and how we do it. Our vision is to develop valuable Shopify apps like Care Cart that help businesses achieve excellence through smart apps, intelligent automation and unparalleled support.

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